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Foolin' Myself


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Agree, on his first 8 albums (4 Raspberries, 4 solo).....every song he wrote was good to great, with the great majority leaning towards great. And his last 2 albums were very good overall, with some of his best stuff represented......both albums head and shoulders better than the average album you'd find in a top 40 list from back in the day. For sure Eric Carmen wrote  at a level as high as anyone with respect to the quality and consistency of his songs, IMHO.


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Speaking of this album, it still ranks as my favorite Eric album on any given day.

It Hurts Too Much *
Lost In The Shuffle
All For Love *
Tonight You're Mine *
Sleep With Me *
Inside Story *
Foolin' Myself *
You Need Some Lovin'

* "A" songs- 6 out of the 8 on this album- wow!

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On 10/19/2021 at 10:58 PM, Raspbernie said:

Seriously. Why is Eric Carmen not in the Songwriters Hall of Fame?


I've discovered that both my husband (songwriter - ASCAP) and I (publisher - music industry professional) can join this org and thus maybe have a small say-so in getting EC recognized this way. https://www.songhall.org/join

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