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The Apprentice…

Lew Bundles

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I am re-building the database to recognize existing Member posts. Once the process completes, everyone should have their status updated to reflect their lifetime of EricCarmen.com Community achievements!

But Lew still won't be Moderator.



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But now that the rankings have been adjusted to account for past posting history, Lew, you are a "Grand Master!" That's as high as the rankings go, so there's nowhere to go from here but down!


PS: You can also see various badges you've each earned on your individual profile page. These are awarded based on various criteria set up by the Forum app.

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First, Kirk wins the 3,000,000 hit contest and then NO moderator rank for Lew?…I achieved “Grand Master”…Wowie…Sounds like I’ m a pool champion…or a KKK leader…No, wait, that’s Grand Wizard…What’s next?…My  Lewisa leaves to join some stupid harem?…

This whole thing smells like an inside job…









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