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Mccartney dealt an ace…

Lew Bundles

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The Beatles were not in a great place in Jan 1969 but you can plainly see they were still brothers and there good time moments.

The Let it  Be movie reflects little good time moments.

Also having not performed live since aug 1966 they were a bit rusty, musically. Not at tight unit. You can get away with that in the recording studio but it is much more difficult in live performance.

Billy Prestons presence in the band helped them live and also but them on their best behavior toward each other.

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Hey Pretender, where was the video performance from? P.S…God bless this man..

P.P.S…As an addendum…look/listen to the first video I put up and the video that Pretender put up…No rock musician ever had this versatility along with everything in between…(Freddy Mercury possibly had this scope of songwriting skill, but of course not quite the variety, impact or consistency that the Mac had)…Read Craig’s comment above…I agree wholeheartedly…

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On 10/14/2021 at 9:34 AM, Vinnie B Trask said:

I noticed no one really offered to help George with the Something lyrics..at least in a serious way

Catching up with this thread… Vinnie, watch the whole eight hours of Get Back. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the teamwork the Beatles showed… including help for George. 

And elsewhere here, you wrote: “…having not performed live since aug 1966 they were a bit rusty, musically. Not at tight unit. You can get away with that in the recording studio but it is much more difficult in live performance.”

Not sure if you’re aware, or if you know the backstory behind the album…. But the Beatles set out to write an album’s worth of new songs IN THE STUDIO. As such, that’s not “rust” you’ll hear; it’s songwriting on the spot.

If you watch the whole eight hours, you see all kinds of examples of “tight” (and tighter) as the weeks wore on. Once they learned each other’s new songs, they were masterful, I thought, in getting it down. 

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I understand what you are saying LC but John was dancing when George introduced I Me Mine and did not play on the recording at all. His suggestion to George on Something were not helpful nor were Pauls'

They did initially sound quite rusty and were shooting for live type of album. Not business as usual in the studio,

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Vinnie, I guess it's about perception. I thought John Lennon gave George Harrison great advice on "Something." George was stuck on a line, and John said (paraphrasing), "Just sing anything—sing 'attracts me like a cauliflower.'"

Why was that useful? Considering Lennon's track record as a songwriter at that point, it shouldn't even need an explanation. But for anyone who's done any kind of writing, it's gold. Pure gold. Getting hung up on one word or one line can totally knock you off your beam. Write past it and come back to it in the next draft. (I've given many young writers that advice in my career as an editor.) It's all about going with the flow. If one line stops you and makes you sweat, you'll lose your momentum. 

As for "I Me Mine," I know there's footage of John being dismissive about it at first. Tough love! George ended up finishing it. But there's also footage of Paul talking about the lyrics and encouraging the line "flowing more freely than wine." It ended up being a great song and made it onto the Let It Be album ahead of "Don't Let Me Down," a John classic, and multiple Paul songs (off the top of my head, "Teddy Boy").

The thing you're not doing is taking a top-level view. You're looking at isolated incidents, and your speculation may be wrong or half-wrong, right? 

The top-level view is: When George joined the Beatles, he was the lead guitarist, not songwriter. Lennon & McCartney were years ahead of him. So he had some catching up to do. He later talked about how it could be intimidating to bring a song to John and Paul. (Ringo has said the same.) But George kept at it, learned from the best, won their respect, and by Abbey Road was equalling or surpassing them ("Something" and "Here Comes the Sun" ).


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