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Coolest neighborhoods in the world…

Lew Bundles

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I've found the best neighborhood in the world where I live now....the only negative is a lot of mermaids jumping from the sea onto my balcony when I am doing office work on my balcony, and THEN they expect me to "entertain" them.   : (

BTW, I did see the Brysons and Carmens pass by in a boat recently, they said hi, said they were retracing the steps of Balboa when he discovered the Pacific off Panamá,...they said something about they'd soon be Lost in Space. I gave them one of my ex Martian chicks to look up so they'd at least know somebody. Kay told Wally he could talk to Penny, but that she'd %&&# him if he even LOOKED at the blonde chick.

Oh boy..

P.S. What was the question?

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