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Top Burton Cummings songs


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1.   I will play a Rhapsody
2.   Charlemagne
3.   Stand Tall
4.   In your Back Yard
5.   I´m Scared
6.   When a Man Loves a Woman - his version is better than any I´ve heard
7.   Break it to them Gently
8.   Meanin So Much
9.   Nikey Hokey
10. We just came from the USA

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1. I Will Play A Rhapsody
2. Stand Tall
3. I'm Scared
4. Nothing Rhymed
5. One And Only
6. Break It To Them Gently
7. Timless Love
8. You Saved My Soul
9. Charlemagne
10. Heart

I'm a big Guess Who fan, but much of Burton's solo stuff doesn't do much for me. These Top 10 are very good. I could could probably find 10 to 15 other songs spread throughout his albums that I like. Outside of that, I'm not crazy about the rest.

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Interesting. I like his solo music better than his GW stuff, though it was good.

If did a top 10/15 of Burton songs and we could pick from his solo and GW careers, only 2 GW songs would jump into my above list, "Star Baby" and "Clap for the Wolfman". "Star Baby" may be #1. It´s a song no other artist of the era could write and perform. It´s pure Burton Cummings at his best.

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Funny thing about Cummings…I like everything he did with the Guess Who and the few solo things that I’ve heard were also good…But, I never delved deeper into his catalogue and I don’t know why…I put him in the same category as Todd Rundgren…Love every thing I’ve heard but never dug deep into his material…I guess, on your reviews, it might be time for me to take the plunge…

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As I've stated before, I create playlists of my favorite artists and these playlists are usually pretty comprehensive. As for Burton, my playlist of him is much smaller than most of the artists that make them for. So, it didn't take much typing to post it here. I did just add "Niki Hokey" to it after seeing that James included it in his Top 10. After another listen, I agree it deserves to make my list. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same way about "We Just Came From The USA".  Here is my Burton Cummings Playlist:

Burton Cummings:          I'm Scared
                                         Nothing Rhymed
                                         Stand Tall

                                         That's Enough
                                         Niki Hokey

My Own Way To Rock:    Come On By
                                         Got To Find Another Way
                                         Timeless Love
                                         A Song For Him

Dream Of A Child:           Break It To Them Gently
                                         I Will Play A Rhapsody
                                        When A Man Loves A Woman
                                        Takes A Fool To Love A Fool
                                        Meanin' So Much
                                        Sweet Nothins'

Woman Love:                 One And Only
                                        Had To Be You

Sweet Sweet:                 You Saved My Soul
                                        Something Old, Something New
                                        Bad News

Heart:                             Heart

Plus Signs:                     Take One Away
                                       One Day Soon

Above The Ground:       Crazy If You Mess With The Gods
                                        Look Out Charlie
                                        Above The Ground    

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Cool post. Funny, I probably consider "In your backyard" Burton's signature song, the epitomy of his boogie woogie, and at many stages of my fandom the song I see as his best.....so I'm kinda shocked it's not on your list. "We just came from the   USA " has cynical (or worse) lyrics from my perspective, true, but it rocks, thus my high rating.

Another one I loved and agree with on your list is "Come on by". A Bob Seger penned tune that I used to rock to back in the day, but felt a little guilty back then even, given the lyrics, but a great song it really is. He'd be tarred and feathered if he sang that one today.

Others that come to mind that I like that didn't make my top 10, nor even your playlist are "Never had a lady before", "Roll with the punches", "Guns, Guns, Guns", "Dream of a child", "My own way to rock"....and "Shiny Stalkings".


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I prefer the Guess Who version of Guns Guns Guns. When I saw them in concert back in 2002, they really did it great.

"Come On By" definitely Gary Puckett - ish lyrically and would be frowned upon if done today.

I remember considering "In Your Backyard" (probably based more on the fact that it appeared on one of my Burton Cummings Best Of albums), but I just didn't like it enough.

Also considered "Never Had A Lady Before". I think it was very close to being included.

There is something about the song "Dreams Of A Child" that bothers me. Not quite sure what it is. I do believe that some of the lyrics don't quite sound right to my ear.

I really don't like "My Own Way To Rock".

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