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What´s interesting is I saw these guys live more than once in the 1970s, backing up bands I went to see live (RUSH etc.). My favorite bands (and UFO also) tended to tour the Midwest (Ohio etc.) pretty heavy as we Midwesterners liked this heavier rock & roll stuff. But I was not familiar with their music outside of I´d heard "Too Hot to Handle" a time or 2...so I was not able to appreciate their shows. I remember thinking they were pretty cool, but sadly didn´t get into the shows as I would today given I´m getting familiar with their stuff.

Anyway, I loved the time during which we grew up, this video is evidence of one strong reason why.



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Excluding their first two albums (UFO 1 & UFO 2:  I would rank these two as their worst), you can't really go wrong with anything from Phenomenon to Obsession. These all feature Michael Schenker on lead guitar. Their first post-Schenker album,  "No Place To Run" has Paul Chapman on guitar and is also very good in my opinion. The next album after that "The Wild, The Willing, & The Innocent" is my friends favorite UFO album. I don't like it as much as he does but it's not bad. Basically, I like all their albums throughout the 70's & 80's. I'm looking forward to listing my official ranking order.

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I took my time on this. Here is my ranking of UFO studio albums including grade. If you tend to like the raw sound versus the more polished recordings, you will most likely not like the albums such as Mechanix, Making Contact or No Place To Run as much as I do. As you can see, there are really none of their albums that I dislike other than their fist two. I didn't include UFO's most recent album "The Salentino Cuts" which is an album of covers. I actually like this one too, I just decided not to include it.




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