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Rick Springfield..


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I heard that Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters mention "Welcome To The Rodeo" (from 1973 "Mission: Magic" TV cartoon Soundtrack) was his favorite!!  The show "Mission: Magic" ran on ABC Saturday Mornings from September 1973 till September 1974 produced by Flimation. Got that on DVD box set "The Complete cartoon Series" & the CD.   The teacher almost reminded me of Miss Fizzle from The Magic School Bus cartoon series but not quite!! 

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On 10/1/2021 at 3:16 AM, Matthew C. Clark said:

Also in September of 1973, Hanna - Barbera's "Butch Cassidy" on NBC Saturday morning. Here is the TV theme song. 


Hey Butch,

Fred from Scooby Doo wants his ascot!

Any possibility that the cartoon character had the last name of Cassidy to capitalize on David's fan base?

It was released before Shaun came to prominence.

Also a household name thanks to Newman & Redford.


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1 hour ago, James said:

Seems like everyone was into GH around that time, including me. I was in love with Holly (Emma Samms) and had the hots for Laura´s mom, Leslie.

Anyway..     : )

Yup... Mc Gyver, Stuart Damon (Prince Charming to Leslie Ann Warren's Cinderella) & even Liz Taylor.

We scheduled college classes around the GH time slot.

The student lounge was packed,!





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