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Anybody know “The Scruffs”?

Lew Bundles

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In an article entitled :

Power Pop Plus: A Look Back at 2020...and More

John M. Borack explores some of the best of 2020 and a brand new release from Matthew Sweet
John M. Borack
Jan 15, 2021
The Scruffs - Teenage Tragedies 1974-1979 (Pop Superette/Mono-Tone)

One of the late 70s' finest practitioners of pure, Anglo-flecked power pop, Memphis's Scruffs were fronted by Stephen Burns, whose lead vocals can best be described as a slightly earthier, more desperate version of Eric Carmen. The lone LP released during the original band's lifespan, 1977's Wanna Meet the Scuffs?, is an indisputable classic. The 14 tunes on this new compilation (released on vinyl and compact disc) date from before (1974-1976) and after (1978-1979) that album; they were initially part of two 1998 archival CDs that quickly fell out of print. Not only is it great to have them available once again, but they've been remastered and 12 of the 14 are also now available on vinyl for the first time. The '78-'79 material is more readily accessible and includes mini-classics such as "Teenage Gurls," "Nick of Tyme" and the slightly goofy, inexplicably wonderful "Alice, Please Don't Go." The older material is less polished and not quite as focused, but the best moments recall the solo output of fellow Memphis-ite Chris Bell. Grade: A


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