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Best unknown gem


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I´ve been on a buying spree for about 3 years, as I´ve mentioned here a thousand times, buying cds and dvds, creating a collection that´ll take the rest of my life to really digest. I´ve done pretty good. Wanted to make sure I got the best of music art and film art from the last century+  before they´re gone either via no market demand, or Woke gets them burned. Some films, sadly, have already been edited, but overall I got what I wanted and will be able to pass this stuff down to whomever.

Anyway, I´m officially stopping tonight.

So, before I cease my loco buying spree, I´m open to buy a few more cds or dvds per your recommendations.

My request:

1. name the best obscure cd you own.
2. and the best obscure dvd you own, whether it´s a documentary, movie, silent, tv show, cartoon etc.

I´ll likely buy up anything listed here.

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Here’s another obscure album I love: Cyndi Bullens’ “Desire Wire.” She was a firecracker singer/guitar player. This first album and her next were great. Then she switched gears and put out a bunch of unlistenable introspective music. But this album’s tunes still get spins on my playlist.


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Kirk, appears to be a great movie!...I´m not a fan of modern sci-fi, but do love the 50s genre, which is where this movie falls. It´s expensive, but found it in a 4 movie package deal of 4 flicks, with a reasonable price, and 3 other Martian type movies!

Bernie, tough to find, but was able to buy each of your recommendations for a reasonable price on cd or vinyl.

P.S. Cindy Bullens is now a man, was a back-up singer back in the day for Elton John. She changed her name to Cidny Bullens. Seems Robert Johnson has some fans who see his stuff as you do Bernie. From yours and their testimonials, this cd is going to be pretty great I reckon. 

Thanks fellers! 

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Several years ago, this band was doing a concert in Pittsburgh that they were advertising during Pirates games. I was impressed by the small samples of songs that were being played during the commercials...very catchy. Around that same time, they appeared on David Letterman and I liked what I heard so I started to purchase their albums. I guess a good place to start would be their Best Of album, but quite a few of their other ones are good. You can buy directly from their website:  The Clarks Online - The Official Site of The Clarks

Here are some LIVE clips:

"Shimmy Low" was one of those songs I first heard during the concert advertisment


"Hey You" was written the evening of September 11th after Scott watched all the TV coverage and felt the need to put something down on paper.



"Born Too Late" has very lyrics.


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The Clarks started in the mid-80's writing & recording songs that were a mixture new wave/punk/pop/rock. By their fourth album, the pop/rock sound became more dominant. One of their early local hits is a song called "Cigarette". I've seen this band twice, and this song is quite an experience to see performed live in front of the local crowd. I wish this video captured more of the experience:


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On 9/4/2021 at 7:02 AM, Raspbernie said:

I don’t know anybody who knows Robert A. Johnson (not the famous blues guy, hence the middle initial)—but his one album has been a favorite of mine since I bought it in the ‘70s!


Wow Bernie

I am impressed with your knowledge of this guy, Robert Johnson whose favorite color is pink. and this song. I had a copy of this album before it was released as a promotion copy. Great song!

I love his cover of the this Elvis tune as well!  3 piece format He does not play professionally any more


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