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For you “Johnny Come Lately’s”

Lew Bundles

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1 hour ago, Lew Bundles said:


P.S…I never knew that Jim drummed on Time Won’t Let Me”…

I never knew that either! I always liked that song and after listening to it several times just now, I can believe it is Jim. The speed is characteristic of Jim. He has quite a resume of hits he has been "instrumental" in. LOL!

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ERIC (https://lefsetz.com/wordpress/2011/05/08/eric-carmen-on-the-outsiders/):
"When I was in high school in Lyndhurst, Ohio, there was a place called the Chagrin Armory, where the up and coming bands would play. It was basically just a huge, empty concrete warehouse, with terrible acoustics, but it could probably hold 1500 people. I heard The Outsiders were going to be playing there, and a couple of my friends and I decided to venture out from the protective cocoon of Lyndhurst to the wilds of Chagrin and check them out. I had heard "Time Won’t Let Me" on the radio, and, as a card carrying Mod, had turned my nose up at it. It had horns (yuch!) and organ (blech!) and it seemed to me the lead singer, Sonny Geraci, was a touch flat for the whole song, but, in the spirit of adventure, we ventured out anyway. They blew me completely away...It was years before I learned that Jimmy Fox played drums on the album (a lot of that time they credited MY drummer, Jim Bonfanti) but, I’ve got to say, all these years later, that record still holds a special place in my heart. It’s that "moment in time" kind of record, that takes you back to exactly where you were when you first heard it.


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