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I don’t get this band at all..

Lew Bundles

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2 hours ago, Lew Bundles said:

I’ve listened to this band a thousand times, have all three albums and I don’t get what all the fuss is about…


Ditto, Lew. I never got them either. Yet they are spoken of as a hugely successful and influential power pop band. But what do I know...I never got U-2 or Coldplay either.

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3 hours ago, Craig Benfer said:

U2 is ok, but overrated in my opinion. I'm not big on Coldplay, but they're both better than Big Star. I have asked myself many times "What am I missing?". I keep giving them a chance, but I just don't get them.

I knew I wasn't alone about U2 when South Park did an episode on Bono. It was hilarious!

Is Bono the Biggest Piece of Crap in the World? - SOUTH PARK - Bing video

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