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Vinnie B Trask

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23 hours ago, Lew Bundles said:

What happened to Jim L?

Jim is away seeking help on being over sensitive and trying to control his troll like existence. He has another handle on this forum as well.

He s also trying to coordinate the rescue of dogs left in Afghanistan by Joseph Biden

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Why was James (that´s me) granted so much ability to please the fairer sex, while Lew was granted this ability in the opposite direction?

I ask God this question, I ask why not give Lew some of James´ talent as James does not need so much talent, but God never has an answer for me.

So I figured, maybe AskTrask might be my only hope.

Hareming in Panamá

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No it isn´t. Because I, James, voluntarily, per my own good natured will, asked God to share with you. The Socialists will not ask. And if you refuse them, it´s jail time. Big difference Señor Lew!!!! 

It´s why Socialism is tyranny, though we´ve been taught it´s just another system.

P.S. chicks....they do, and always will..... dig James.

: )

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