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Return of Old Timers

Lew Bundles

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Word on the street has it that Marvin was going to join in, but he was too ashamed, as he recently joined the NRA, and, keeping witqh the spirit of Canadian woke, he s threatening anyone who refuses to acknowledge the greatness of the band Hanson.

In fact here's a selfie Marvin took of himself and sent me:



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And Tony Cartmill wanted me to catch you guys up on his latest doings. In fact his life has been pretty crazy. Receiving the benefits and rewards of karma.

You see, he always buffoonery Robin Gibb for singing like a crying sheep. His karma reward was that he has been reincarnated into ......a crying sheep!! He says he's enjoying the experience, that it has made him a much better singer, and that he's really nailing the song "Massachusetts"  these days.

As he was unable to show up for this thread, he asked me to share a selfie he recently took, he's eating well as you can see.


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