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90s, top 10 songs?


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9 minutes ago, susie b said:


Did you see my above post of Fade Into You?

Wikipedia probably will give you a basic overview of Mazzy Star.

It's complicated.


Susie, one of your videos "cannot be viewed".....must have been that one cuz I don't see it in any of your other posts. Independently (and coincidentally) I listened to "Fade into you" last night and it's very good. I then found "Flowers......" which I think is stunningly good. A rare organic folky song and production that has a great melody.

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9 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

I can do without the REM, Susie, but I'm a big fan of Concrete Blonde and the Gin Blossoms. Have a few songs from both on our backyard patio mix. Here's another favorite from Concrete Blonde:

Love this song!  

Always thought it had a Lou Reed vibe.

Johnette is SO good!


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And how could I forget the BoDeans?

Nick Kitsos drummed with them for awhile (as well as with Poi Dog Pondering), and Nick was a good buddy of my fella as they shared studio space.

Anyway, here are the boys from back in the day.


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