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List of one-wonders…

Lew Bundles

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51 minutes ago, Lew Bundles said:

While that’s true, Craig(I love John Waite), Every Step of  the Way and Tears are not really known numbers…Although, technically, you are correct…

Yes, you are correct. Even though Top 40 has always been the benchmark for most to consider a song a "Hit", many don't consider it a true hit unless it went Top 20.

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Different people have different definitions of what is a hit... I've always subscribed to how many songs made it onto the top 40, but a case could be made that it refers to an artist who is known only for one major hit... THAT definition would fit more to the generic, casual music fan more than to the die hard fans of one artist or another. I have little doubt that to the casual fan from the seventies, EC is known only for ABM however the casual fan from the late 80's would know him only for MMLC... LOL 

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18 hours ago, James said:

PS massive amount of great songs on that list. Thank God for one hit wonders! Without them the era would have been less great.

I was thinking the same thing as reading through the list. I probably have every one of the songs from the 1960's list on vinyl, cassette or later-released compact disc.

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