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EC Birthday Live 2021 by Hiroyuki IZUTA Part.1


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Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2021 by Hiroyuki IZUTA
         Aug.6, 2021 @JIYUGAOKA McCartney, Tokyo JAPAN


First Stage
03.Change Of Heart
05.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
06.I Saw The Light
07.Nobody Knows
08.If You Change Your Mind
09.Hungry Eyes
10.Go All The Way
11.All By Myself

Second Stage
01.That's Rock'n Roll
02.Cartoon World
03.Inside Story
05.Wild Wild Heart* (Unreleased)
06.Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
07.I Can Remember
08.My Girl
09.Almost Paradise
10.Hey Deanie

11.Let's Pretend
12.Hanen't We Come A Long Way
13.Starting Over
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I’m not sure what’s going on here…I’ve seen Adventurine post this event from time to time…Is this a concert done by someone else OTHER than Adventurine?…Is this a performance where tickets are sold to the public?…Is EC still big enough in Japan to warrant a birthday celebration on a wide scale or is this just a few rabid, kooky fans(like us), that get together and hold a special get together and perform similar to Weekend At Bernie’s? Weekend At Adventurine(?)…

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I believe the story goes, Hiroyuki IZUTA met Eric and heard him perform in Japan during Eric's tours there in the late 70's early 80's. Eric made a huge impact on him as a performer, and he does these Eric tributes in small clubs on Eric's birthday for the past several years. Naeko never misses his performances...

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