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Sly Stallone's "Vehicle"

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Sly wanted that song to become a hit again on the Billboard Top 40 in August of 1989 BUT no one played it & did NOT charted (except for oldies stations)!!  The songs "When I'm With You" by Canadian group Sheriff was at # 61 on June of 1983 on Hot 100 BUT it was # 1 (Adult Contemporary on February 18, 1989 for 1 week & Hot 100 on February 4, 1989 also for 1 week)  which their debut self - titled album was released in the Summer of 1982 & "What About Me?" from Australian group Moving Pictures was a hit again in the Summer of 1989 that hit # 46 in September on Hot 100 & # 43 (Adult Contemporary in October of 1989) (that was a hit in January of 1983 & went to # 29 on Hot 100 & did not charted on AC) & the late Benny Mardones "Into The Night" was also a hit again that went to # 20 in July of 1989 (both Hot 100 & AC) (which went to # 11 in August of 1980 on Hot 100 BUT did not charted on AC)!!  

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