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Nina Blackwood, or...(warning,


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in 2021 this is an "offensive" thread)....Martha Quinn?

2. Mary Ann or Ginger?

3. Pam or Jenna (Dallas)?

4. Chrissie or Janet?

5. Bunnie or Lou Ann Poovie?

6. Mrs. Ingles or Ms. Beadle?

7. Mrs. Brady or Mrs. Partridge?

8. Mrs. Bundy or Marcy?

9. Dulcey (Cimarron Strip)...or any other female character from a Western tv series?

10. Lori Partridge or Marcia Brady? (pretend you are again a teenager when answering this, don't want any of you guys cancelled for admiring a young woman)

11. Wildcard...you guys choose the duo and choose.


Ok, I'll answer later, step up to the plate boys (and girls too). What are your choices?






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1. Martha

2. Mary Ann (even though I like redheads)

3. Pam

4. Hmmm....Chrissy

5. Neither, but if forced to pick I'll take Lou Ann

6. Ms. Beadle

7. Mrs. Partridge !!!!!

8. Marcy

9. Jane (F-Troop)

10. Lori Partridge

11. Favorite Charlie's Angel?   Kelly Garrett in Season 1 but dethroned by Kris Monroe after that.

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I didn´t watch Charlie´s Angels, ever, but Cheryl Ladd is in the top 5 of the era for me. She has it all. To me she was at her peak much after Charley´s Angels, ..probably in the 90s when she was well into her 40s. She is still beautiful to this day.


1. Nina Blackwood.....she always got my engine revving. Not so sure why cuz I normally like the Marth Quin types. But oh well.  : )
2. Close call, I´ll take Ginger...she was a hoot also.
3. Pam, what a classic beauty is Victoria Principal.
4. Janet...by a mile interestingly, though I thought Suzanne Summers was great in her role.
5. Bunnie...I like strong chicks.
6. Ms. Beadle...under the prim and proper, there was a fire burning. : )
7. Mrs Partridge.....she´s up there with Cheryl Ladd for me.
8. Marcy
9. Dulcey....she may be, for me, #1 from our era.
10. Close call, but I´ll agree with Craig...Lori Partridge.

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#1…I used to have the hots for Martha Quinn…Even though Blackwood was sexier, I liked that cute, little pixie type…I used to have a big rock n roll venue in New Haven(Toad’s Place) as one of my customers  and the owner knew Quinn…He was gonna introduce me to her, but she was going out with some skanky looking tattooed lead singer in some band and I realized I had no chance..

#2…While Ginger was hotter, I liked the pixier Mary Ann better…

#3…Pam, although I always held her responsible, in some way for Andy Gibbs’ death…

#4…Janet…Again, even though Chrissy was hotter, Joyce DeWitt was the smokey voiced, Joan Jett looking goddess to me…

#5…Bunnie…Hotter name…

#6…Not sure who either of them are…

#7…Mrs. Brady…An almost Snow White version of June Cleaver…

#8…Peg Bundy has one hot body…

#9…Melody Patterson from F-Troop or Linda Evans when she was on Big Valley…

#10…Marcia…If she was hot enough for Davy Jones to take her to a prom, she’s hot enough for me…

#11…The battle of the “B”’s…Bea Arthur, Bea Benaderet or Aunt B?

P.s.-Bernie never answers these types of questions…

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Dulcey was #1, but Audra Barkley mesmorized me as a little kid. On paper Linda Evans at that age, and playing that character, may be the most beautiful female of all time. 

The actress who played Peg Bundy is very hot. But the Peg character did zero for me. Also I probably down deep like the challenge of converting Marcy (the actress who played her is gay). Or,......wait a minute.....what am I saying,........I forgot.........I´m James.....it would be no challenge at all.  : )

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