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Great middle 8's


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Eric is the master of the middle 8, but what are some of your other favorite middle 8's? Mine is from Andrew Gold's That's Why I Love You. So as to not confuse with the bridge, which is instrumental only and comes after the middle 8, this is the vocal part that changes keys and is such a lovely progression:


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If you ever get a chance to hear Peter Asher tell the story about this middle eight, it just accentuates the genius of Mccartney…

Asher(who’s sister Jane was dating Paul and whose family home Paul resided in) told Mccartney that he and Gordon had gotten a recording contract and were scheduled to lay down some tracks the next day…He asked the Beatle if he could record World Without Love since he had heard Paul composing it and it was a song that the Mac had lying around since it was rejected for a Beatles track by Lennon…

Mccartney told Asher, “ Sure, but he didn’t have a middle eight to it and to hang on a few minutes while he came up with something”…Ten minutes later, Voila!…a middle eight for the ages…

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