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Eric's Beloved Indians

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I went to my first baseball game in Cleveland, circa 1967. My best friend and his Dad, invited me and my Dad to drive up to Cleveland. I soon became a baseball freak, wore Cubs jackets everywhere, including to my own games, I couldn´t wait for the morning newspaper to get scores so I´d call the sports department of the Columbus Dispatch in the afternoon to find out the Cubs´ score. Baseball was a great part of my youth. Sadly, for kids today, it´s not what it once was on many fronts.

 It´s an abomination that such a great ballsy city and franchise caved to the mob. Pathetic. But I´ve sworn off baseball, along with all American sports, likely forever. Fortunately. So I am divorced almost 100% from this cancerous cowardice.


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Practically everywhere on Earth can be argued is misnamed. It happens. It´s been 500 years. Get over it whiny Americans. I´m American, what do I have to do with Amerigo Vespucci?  And is Raj, Darsh and Aakesh (along with my many friends from India) truly Indians?  We must ask who named "India", and when?....I am sure it was some Westerner, so maybe we should call our friends from India Hindus (like they do here in Panamá) or Hindustanis?....etc etc etc. Because I doubt, people from India are "true Indians" as India is to at least a certain degree, a misnomer for them, at least given how we are defining it here.

What about "Romania",......should it be named after the Empire (Rome) that conquered it 2000 years ago, and held it for only 200 years?.....

So why don´t we all jump into the whirl pool, look up our nations´ names, find out they are misnombers of history, and whine...and whine...and demand we be treated as the Victim-Saints we are.  If we can´t beat them let´s join them, and become a victim of this, that...of history, compulse on race, ethnicity, then compulse on race and ethnicity some more.

It´s great. If we can claim we are a victim, we get traction. So we play into it, and thus feed it.



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And really, what is "First Nation" status. Is it the Commanche?....who sadistically gained lands by sadistically conquering lands from other tribes?  How about the Iroquois?......see what they did to the Algonquins and another tribe up there in the NorthEast in order to have hegemony of "their" lands?..how about the Apache? The Seminole who had slaves?  What about the Sioux in the north/northwest?

Or even better, how about the murderous warring Aztecs of today´s Mexico?......who modern day wokists worship?   Or read about how the Inca consolidated power in South America? 

Then compare these Indian nations warring and conquering, with how the U.S. treated them when they were conquered.

Point: I love our Indian history and foundation, and they were often treated horribly by the USA. These tribes had dignity which I respect a ton.

But, get some persepctive on history, put yourself in 1850 North America, where your daughter, just for wandering a little too far from home could lose her scalp (and life), and captured Whites (and other Indians from other tribes) would be roasted on a fire for days, not dying for days, while the Indians drank and enjoyed their own sadism re: watching these roasted humans suffer and eventually die.

For Western Hemisphere  descendents of our Native Indian tribes to claim "Victim-Saint" status is an egregeous insult to the great, brave, dignified Indian people who roamed our lands before the Europeans got here, and for some time after. To claim "Victim-Saint" status is a joke, unless you are willing to judge these violent Indian Tribes with the same lens you judge European Americans. But nobody will, because.....I don´t know what the because is.

What´s the most crazy, is we lie down and allow ourselves to be told we are less than the Victim-Saints, when it is a lie, and just as bad, it deletes the justified love we have (had) for the USA, which when you tabulate the credits and debits of the overall ledger, is the greatest political entity in history with respect to efficacy in improving the human condition for the human race, all over the world.

I´ll stop. I know these posts of mine don´t jive with what the site is trying to be about. It´s just that I can´t shrug off the bullshit, when it arrives here. Bullshit that may seem innocous to most, but to me is the cancer that will kill this nation for those who come after us. 


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On 7/23/2021 at 3:46 PM, susie b said:

As someone with First Nation blood in her veins, I am not ''offended" by Indians as it is a misnomer for native peoples.

Maybe I should ask my true Indian friends, Raj, Darsh & Aakesh how they feel.

I believe that it should be viewed as to whether or not it is meant as a derogatory term. Naming a team after Indians, as incorrect a usage for referring to indigenous peoples as it may be, is actually an honor and a sign of admiration. Just my opinion, but all this PC nonsense is doing nothing but isolating us more and more, as is (anti)social media in general.

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