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Best song released since 2000?


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I am not familiar with much music of the 2000s, but this is the best one I´ve heard. It´s got a huge 60s vibe...gives you that indefinable feeling
you get when you hear one of those great 60s anthems. 

What´s the best one you guys have heard of the 2000s?

Here´s mine, music starts at the 50 second mark:



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18 hours ago, Kirk said:

I hear what you're saying about that one, James- not quite hitting the mark with me- I'll take Brand New Year for my 2000's song!


"Brand New Year" is a good call. Regarding Duffy´s song "not quite hitting the mark" with you Kirk, it´s ok, don´t fret. When you get to my high level of art discernment and taste, you will get it. You´ll get there, I believe in you,  even at your advanced age, you can still improve yourself.   ; )

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No Doubt's ageless lead singer, Gwen Stefani, has released some solid solo singles in the new millennium.

The influence of Debbie Harry is quite noticable.

Gwen can easily move between genres... Punk, Ska, New Wave, Rock or Pop.



EC actually turned me on to the following song when he was posting on FB 


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