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Top 5 (or 10) TV ..


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Tough topic and difficult to choose, but some of my favorites are as follows:


It Takes A Thief

Mission Impossible


My Three Sons

The Addams Family

Star Trek (the real one)

I Dream of Jeannie

That Girl


Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Twilight Zone

Xena Warrior Princess

Quantum Leap

Have Gun Will Travel

There are so many honorable mentions, in fact, too many to mention.

Good topic, James!




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Yeah, My Three Sons (the Ernie years) needs to be on my list (saw it on your list, Susie). And Kirk, as a very little kid, I remember watching my first scary show ever, and it was the Outer Limits. I bought a bunch of the series in my recent buying splurge, but still haven't watched the CDs yet.

Some others I haven't mentioned:

Beverly Hillbillies - I didn't like it as a kid but as an adult I adore it's humor.

Gomer Pyle - Americana 

You Bet Your Life - Like it as a time capsule, and love watching the (to me)  funny chemistry between Groucho and George Fennerman. Fennerman was a hoot.

Touched by an Angel - another one that could have been in my top five. 

Ally McBeal - a hoot.

High Chapperal - next to Gunsmoke, my favorite Western.

Happy Days 

Good Times - I made a point to watch it as a kid, at least its early years. 






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11 hours ago, Matthew C. Clark said:

Got the complete TV series of "The Wild, Wild West" (1965 - 1969) on DVD box set which includes the CBS Made For TV Movies from 1977 & 1980!!  Bad 1999 movie remake with Will Smith & Salma Hayek though.  

I also got the complete series box set with the TV movies. A great show that was taken off the air while still doing great in the ratings. Political pressure caused CBS to cave.

The SURPRISING REASON Why The Government Wanted THE WILD WILD WEST Cancelled! - YouTube

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