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Eric’s 5 worst songs...

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This post was inspired by Craig’s My Heart Stops vs. Reason To Try thread...

Not counting any covers songs not written by EC or not officially released, these are my least favorite EC songs(solo catalogue only)...

1.) Marathon Man

2.) You Need Some Lovin’

3.) Lost In The Shuffle

4.) Every Time I Make Love To You

5.) Everything

Dishonorable Mentions...Spotlight, I Could Really Love You, Runaway, Maybe My Baby...

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"EVerything" and "Runaway" are probably in my top 10 EC songs, possibly top 5.

All mine would come from the last 2 studio albums, so I´m going to list the 5 worse, in order of worse to least worse,  from his albums thru Tonight You´re Mine, to make this interesting and challenging because there´s very little wrong on the first 4 albums for me:

1. You need some loving 
2. Tonight You´re Mine
3. Nowhere to Hide...I know it´s a favorite of many here, and I like it, but it´s still coming in at #3.
4. Marathon Man
5. End of the World

The 1st 2 are the only 2 on the first 4 albums I can say I don´t like. 3-5 are good songs, but come in low due to the greatness of Eric Carmen´s catalog.

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Lew, you read my mind. My original intent was to create a "Worst 5" thread, but decided to do the Reason Versus Heart Stops thread first. The only difference was I was going to allow songs not written by Eric. So abiding by your rules:

1. Lost In The Shuffle
2. You Need Some Lovin'
3. The Rock Stops Here
4. Every Time I Make Love To You
5. I Could Really Love You


The first three are easy. Hands down my three least favorite Eric songs. There is some separation between #3 & #4, but still an easy choice. #5 was more difficult because Marathon Man & Maybe My Baby could make a run at the 5th spot. I don't dislike anything after #3 but I had to try and rank them. 

Now....if I had posted the thread allowing the non-penned Eric songs, "My Heart Stops" would come in at #4, thereby knocking "I Could Really Love You" out of the Bottom 5. And YES, "Reason To Try" would probably fall in right after "I Could Really Love You".

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