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List of greatest rock bands of all time...

Lew Bundles

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As much as I appreciate an enticing listicle article, this is the type that gives 'em a bad name. Tom Petty at No. 39 and Elton John at No. 23... but Black Sabbath at No. 9 and Journey at No. 6? And Bruce Springsteen nowhere in sight? Sometimes, the goal is to rile people up more than to give a sensible and defensible list.  

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For Whatever It's Worth (and, believe me, it's not) lists like this cause me to post my own "Top 10". However, to make it interesting here are my all time Top 10 American Rock & Roll Bands:

1. Cheap Trick & The Ramones (tie)

(after these two, the remaining eight fluctuate - the biggest word I've used all day - and are in no particular order here)

- The Replacements

- The J. Geils Band

- Raspberries

- Van Halen

- Kiss

- Bruce Springsteen & The E. Street Band

- Alice Cooper

- The Pretenders (due to my obsessive crush on Chrissie Hynde)

Now, if one wishes to add non-American Rock & Roll Bands to my all time fave Rock & Roll Bands you could include:

- The Rolling Stones

- Hanoi Rocks

- Manic Street Preachers

- Thin Lizzy

- Motorhead

As one would expect, mileage may vary depending on the vehicle and the driver so, please, respect the road.....


(All of the above is the result of finding a few Great Lakes Christmas Ales in the 'fridge tonight and having them for dinner.....)



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