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Cyrus Erie/Quick/Raspberries Club Gigs

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Thanks to George Gell, who compiled a list of Eric Carmen's club gigs at what was originally the "Hullabaloo," then "The Exit" and eventually "Cyrus Erie West," by scouring local newspapers. This list is obviously not comprehensive—as Eric's bands played many other clubs—but it's quite a handy reference.

11-04-67 Hullabaloo — Lemon Pipers, Cyrus Erie

01-05-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie

04-13-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie

09-28-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie

11-02-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie

12-07-68 The Exit — Cyrus Erie

01-10-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie, Factory

01-24-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie

02-14-69 The Exit — Savoy Brown, Cyrus Erie

30-15-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie

04-02-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie

06-14-69 Cyrus Erie West — Choir, Cyrus Erie

07-05-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie

07-11-69 Cyrus Erie West — Damnation of Adam Blessing, Cyrus Erie

08-08-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie

08-22-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick

09-13-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick

10-04-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Harlequin Colour

10-17-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick

11-7-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie

11-22-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Moses

11-29-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Harlequin Colour

11-31-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Poe, Dust

12-12-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick

10-16-70 Cyrus Erie West — Bang, Raspberries (first gig!)

10-31-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries

11-20-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries

11-25-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries

12-30-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries

05-21-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries

06-11-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries

06-26-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries

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Thanks, Bernie. Cool to see that first 'berries gig. Also interesting to see some of those early complementary acts at a few gigs, like Savoy Brown... and the Lemon Pipers? I haven't thought of the Pipers in years, but I do remember "Green Tambourine" playing on the radio a lot when I was a kid. (The psychedelic pop era sure was strange!)

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Funny you chose that particular band, LC. When Cyrus Erie flew to New York City to do their first recording sessions, their producer had them cover "I Need Someone (The Painter)" by the Lemon Pipers — an odd choice. Here's the tune:


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When my dad was In the hospital once, he told me that a very famous songwriter was In the next bed...I looked at the wall chart and went over and introduced myself to Paul Leka, the composer of The Lemon Pipers hit Green Tambourine and Steam’s, Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye...


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