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Les McKeown (Bay City Rollers) dies

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I didn't realize there were so many moving parts until I read a bit about 'em (Wikipedia). Man, they had a revolving door! But there's no doubt they made a huge splash—I remember when "Saturday Night" hit like a tsunami. There was a performance where Howard Cosell introduced them that got tons and tons of play. And, of course, I appreciated that they covered "Let's Pretend"—and it became the leadoff track on their then-current album.

Hard to believe that three from the "classic" lineup are already gone. :-(

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Jimmy Ienner produced the 1976 album, Dedication, which featured EC's song.

Ian replaced Alan on this album, and then Ian left soon afterwards.

Ian was featured on lead vocals on Dedication, but when the song was released as a single, the lead vocals were redone by Les since Ian had quit.

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3 hours ago, Vinnie B Trask said:

Lets pretend BCR version is weak!

No one sings an EC penned song better than EC, however, lots of little girls bought the record and plumped EC's royalty check.

Would be interesting to see just how many copies of the Dedication album sold vs Fresh.

Raspberries were obviously the better band, but the BCR had better promotion.

Interesting to note that BCR's American label was Arista...

Many probably know that the Rollers were MAJORLY cheated of royalties and sued, and unfortunately, received a pittance of what they earned due to corrupt management.

Hopefully, EC received his songwriting $$$$.



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I saw them at the Illinois State Fair, I believe it was 1977. It had rained so the track was closed so all fans were in the grandstand seats, far away from the stage. Plywood was put down so Les was able to go out onto the muddy track and be closer to the fans

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