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Billboard’s Top #2 records of all time...

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https://billboardchartrewind.wordpress.com/2020/05/09/the-ultimate-2-hits-on-the-billboard-hot-100/...I guess EC’s “All By Myself” stalled at #2 but did not make this list...(I don’t recall what song(s) kept him from the top slot...Did Eric ever express remorse that he never actually had a number #1 with any of his recordings?

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The song "Oh What A Night" kept Eric out of the #1 spot only on Billboard. The other 2 major chart mags had Eric in the #1 slot. I had a theory about the discrepancy that was validated by Eric on the message board some time ago. Politics of the music biz...

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Here was Eric's response to my west coast/east coast conspiracy theory on why ABM didn't reach #1 in all 3 chart mags back in the day:

"... When I was signed to Arista it became very clear that Arista, located in New York, as well as well as Jimmy and Don Ienner, had much more "control" of the east coast publications, Cash Box and Record World. Billboard is a west coast publication and the Arista promotiuon staff in LA was not as formidable as their east coast counterparts. That's why "December 1963" kept "All By Myself" out of the number one slot at Billboard. ec"

Straight from the artists mouth...

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