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raspberries condition

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Probably as good as any 70+ age musicians can be. Obviously, Eric's voice on the high notes if he sang the songs in the original key. Jim still performs. Wally has performed on and off. I don't know if Dave is playing. He had a heart issue about 15 years ago, but I think he's probably good to go. Scott is an unknown at this point, and Michael passed away.

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arthritis is a bitch- I've got it, mostly from my patient care days as an aide / nurse, and there are days I can hardly walk. Already had one hip replaced- ortho said next would probably be back surgery (but not if I can help it!)

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15 minutes ago, James said:

A few years ago I got arthritis in the base of my thumbs. I started taking a natural product called "Cat´s Claw", which worked extremely well to reduce the symptoms/pain.

For what it´s worth. 


Does Cato hiss at you now:lol:

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