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Baseball was my passion as a kid, playing and following the major leagues. But in 1976, when the Yankees started in on the free agent thing, it´s been all downhill for me. Musical chairs re: rosters every season, steroids, sky boxes, massive cost/person to attend, park, eat etc at a game, now woke baseball...so today I don´t watch it or any other American sports, including (especially) college sports. How can we continue supporting universities who are teaching what our universities are teaching?

Anyway, thanks for the heads up Susie. I bet it´s a great book, ...I´ll probably look into it.  Baseball is inherently such a great sport, and I do love its history. I followed no team in any sport closer during my life than I did the Cubs of the late 60s early 70s.

PS I also bought the full Ken Burns series a couple years ago, but haven´t watched it yet. Looking forward big time to that treat!!


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Looking now, and realizing that I need to pick up this book, based on Susie's recommendation. I've got a bunch of fantasy drafts coming up in the next two weeks. Priorities, right? 

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