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The Hit Parade


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What year was the 2 millionth (Kirk) hit? You said 10 years after the million... so around 2006? (You have 1998 just above the Eric-signed guitar, Bernie.)

I remember that! We were all pounding away, hoping to meet the magic moment that Kirk found. Kirk, I assume you have your prize still displayed in a place of honor? 

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Congratulations, Kirk!!!

The East Coast/California time difference worked to your advantage.  I fell asleep with 49 hits to go.

Really though, happy it was you as you truly love this site and are one of the handful of members who invests his heart, soul and wallet into the wellbeing of Ec.com.

Thank you for footing the bill for the security certificate.

You are a winner in every sense of the word!



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Thanks Bernie and Susie! Susie, you are so right- I couldn't believe my luck when we got home from the concert and it was still shy of 3,000,000 hits! The same thing happened for the 2,000,000 hit- it was in the wee hours of the morning! Timing is everything:)

Bernie, if that's a Raspberries reunion photo you posted, I'm in there, also!!

Here's to the future of E.C.com! Long may it live! Thanks to everybody who keeps the boat afloat!!

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