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21 Most Hated Bands of All Time...

Lew Bundles

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Can’t say I disagree very much except for Oasis...

Data reveals the 21 most hated bands of all time

The list was created using analytics and math based on lists, message boards and articles

By JT 100.3 Jack FM

February 19, 2021 10:48 am

Music fans often argue about who is the greatest band or musician of all time. While there are countless different answers, depending on music taste, the debate continues as people try to convince others their preferred choice deserves the praise. Finding the most beloved band may be too difficult, but if there’s one thing many can agree on; it’s which rock bands are the worst. Now, a new list has been created showing the 21 most hated bands of all time.

Using an analytical and mathematical approach, Best Life has come up with a list of the 21 most hated bands of all time. The data was comprised of countless lists, message boards, and articles on the most hated bands, in order to determine which acts made the list. Topping the list was Nickelback, followed by Limp Bizkit, Creed, U2 and Mumford & Sons.

Other bands making the list include; Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay and Green Day. While many found groups on the list they disagreed with, plenty found the list to be accurate. Maybe one day these bands can win over fans to get them off the list. Check out the complete list below:

21. Linkin Park
20. Spin Doctors
19. Nirvana
18. Rush
17. Pearl Jam
16. Oasis
15. Korn
14. Metallica
13. The Doors
12. Green Day
11. Coldplay
10. Dave Matthews Band
9. Kiss
8. Radiohead
7. Phish
6. Bob Dylan
5. Mumford and Sons
4. U2
3. Creed
2. Limp Bizkit
1. Nickelback

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I love all the hits of The Doors so I can’t even fathom including them on this list and I don’t have a problem with KISS, but the rest of the list? Pretty, pretty close in agreement.

A late edit, I don’t hate Green Day either. I have a new respect for Billy Joe since he covered “that’s rock ‘n’ roll”

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