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Interesting take on us over 60...

Lew Bundles

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Read an interesting take today on most of our age bracket(I assume)...

My top 6.

And I’m well north of the 10th anniversary of my 50th birthday.

1. Sex. Young people think that sex sort of runs out of gas as you get older. And for some people it does. Yet, for many it doesn’t. Oh, it may grow less pressing, shall we say. But it still can be savored like fine wine. Sipped occasionally and unhurriedly. Enough said.

2. Health. Young people think as you hit older age health goes in the dumpster. And for some people it does. Yet, for many it doesn’t. But you need to start when you’re young building health so when you’re older you enjoy it. Thankfully, I’m healthier now.

3. Happiness. Young people think as you grow older you grow more depressed. And for some people that happens. Yet, for many it doesn’t. You can be about as happy when you’re younger or older as you choose. It’s up to you. Thankfully, I’m happier now.

4. Wealth. Young people think that older age means struggling financially. And for some people it does. Yet, for many it doesn’t. In fact, with the kids gone, the house mostly paid for and a lifetime of savings it can be the opposite. Thankfully, we’re enjoying that.

5. Love. Young people think that older age means loneliness, lost family and friends. And frankly for some people it does. Yet, for many they have more time to enjoy family and friends. When you’ve built a lifelong marriage and friendships they blossom. Thankfully, we’re living that.

6. Spirituality. Young people think that older age means fear of what’s beyond this life. And frankly for some people it does. Yet, for many it doesn’t. With less daily pressures it allows time to explore what’s beyond just daily activity. And discover real life. Thankfully, we have.

Older age can be challenging of course. Yet, truthfully, younger age can be as well.

And when a young person asks me, “Do you ever wish you could be 20 again?”

I answer, “Nope, I’m having too much fun now.”

Over 60 can be the happiest days of your life but only if you make them that way.

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I agree with what you have said, Lew. I am proud to have survived to the ripe age of 67 and have learned many things along the way. One. I would never go back to being 20 again. I  was on a see-saw of emotions and relationships, and not quite savy enough to decipher which one was healthier for me. Now I have been happily married for 25 years to a wonderful man, which I never thought possible. Second.  Life, holds some unbearably heartbreaking events. I have been suffering through the horrific death of my oldest son at the age of 33, 3 years ago. He had a diving accident at 26 and was paralyzed from the neck down. I was blessed to be his caregiver and it was a labor of love for 11 years until his death in 2017.The unbearable pain I am enduring every day is unending, but I have the wisdom to know that he is suffering no more as his life was just inexplicably torturous. My faith in God's goodness and mercy has eased my pain to a point, although it will never end because a part of me died that day as well. But knowing that we will be reunited someday for eternity, has me longing for that day not, dreading it as I once had when I was young.  Finally, I have been blessed with 2 beautiful grandchildren, with one on the way in May. Their existence just lights up my life and each time I look into their innocent faces and they call me Grandma, I feel the true essence of love personified and that hole in my heart is replaced with tremendous joy, if only for a while. Nothing in this world could ever compete with that feeling. How could I ever miss my youth with all these blessings abounding? 


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