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Wally Bryson and the Raspberries

by (anonymous) » Thu Nov 14, 2002 1:51 pm 
Probably one of the most underated Rhythm/ Lead guitar players to record professionally. He played a '67 Mapleglo 360-12, on a couple Million sellling (top-20) records as a member of the Raspberries. Also referred to as the "I Wanna Be With You RiC". I saw the guy on TV with Raspberries when I was a kid and saw him again, years later in person playing out in Cleveland w/ Dave Smalley in the early 1980's. Wally is an amazing talent with incredibale Vocal Range. After listening to him it was rather obvious how Raspberry harmonies to Carmen's Lead Vocals were Bryson's. I was always amazed at how many local Clev area Celeb's (TV, Sports & Radio) could always be seen in attendence wherever Bryson would Play-out. Playing that same Mapleglo 360-12. He was very good !
by (anonymous) » Sat Jan 18, 2003 3:12 pm 
I have a rare copy of the Raspberries "Capitol Collector's Series" album-basically their Greatest Hits. It is one of my guilty pleasures. The top 30 song "Go All The Way" is one I burnt onto a cd for my car stereo. I love Bryson's guitar playing on it. Reminicent of the Who. There are some great gems on that disc. Many of the songs have that Rick sound that sounds so good on any song. It makes you want to listen no matter how bad the songs are. Wally with Eric Carmen was what I would consider the heart of the band, kinda like Lennon & McCartney. They just don't seem to sound so good apart. Oh well!
by (rictified) » Wed Jun 11, 2003 5:51 pm 
I have a copy of Raspberries Best featuring Eric Carman, Capitol, it's the one with all the newspaper clippings all over it. My favorite song by them is "Tonight", it really rocks.

by (marc67) » Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:51 pm 
I like them. They sound so McCartney.
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by (loendmaestro) » Fri Jul 23, 2004 1:56 am 
For me you just can't touch their last two records: "Side 3" & "Starting Over". Not a bad cut between 'em.  
And don't forget Scott McCarl - the bass player on the last LP with his lefty 4001! In fact I'm gonna put on "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" right now...what a classic!

by (aceonbass) » Sun Jul 25, 2004 6:57 am 
Does anyone remember their appearence on "The Go Show" back in the early '70's? It was a Saturday morning show for kids that would explore a different subject every week. One Saturday morning the cameras went into the studio for the first recording sessions of a "new" band, "The Rasberries". The show wasn't really so much about them as it was a look inside a recording studio to show kids what went on to make a record. The Rasberries just happened to be the band in the studio that day. Their single, Go All the Way, is still one of my guilty pleasures. I may listen to it three or four times in a row cranked just to get it out of my system.

by (johnnyt) » Sun Oct 24, 2004 4:55 am 
Well it's OFFICIAL!!!!! Wally Bryson & the original members of Raspberries (including Eric Carmen) will reunite for one (1) concert Friday November 26, 2004. It is labeled as the Grand Opening Show for the new House of Blues venue, downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Rumor has it that the show "Sold Out" in less than 20 minutes. I managed to get four (4) tix. You can bet that Wally will be opening the show with "I Wanna Be with You" which means his '67 Maple Glo 360-12 will once again be 'chiming' for the event. I've include a link I obtained that shows their practice site in Mentor, OH. It appears that Eric Carmen currently plays a Lennon "Miami" 6-string. Please NOTE the far corners of the PiC. Eric's RiC on the left and Wally's to the right. I cannot wait to see these guys together again. It's been over thirty (30) years. 
I've got alot goin' on!!

by (johnnyt) » Tue Oct 26, 2004 7:37 am 
Raspberries Rehearsal site GEAR Photo in Mentor Ohio. Note Wally Bryson's '67 Maple Glo 360-12 on the RIGHT and Eric Carmen's 325-6 Jet Glo Lennon Miami on the Left.
I've got alot goin' on!!

by (TommySixGun) » Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:03 pm 
Wally is one of my favorite players and Raspberries are one of my favorite bands. Awesome picture of their gear! The main reason I chose a Mapleglo finish    is that I've watched "I wanna be with you" a thousand times.   

by (Edward7) » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:39 am 
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I asked Eric about "All Through the Night ". He told me Michael McBride wrote the lyrics for the verses and he helped write the rest of the song so Michael could have a 'writing credit' and a share of the publishing income. I told him he could have at least taken the girl home, lol. He said it is a pretty embarrassing song to him now. I love it!



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