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How I Spent My EC.Com Vacation...

Lew Bundles

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Remember the old “How I spent my summer vacation” assignment when you returned to school after the seasonal hiatus?...Well, we need to do a little catching up here...if you are so inclined...I’ll go first...

It was a horrible holiday season for me...Sometime in Aug., I had a pipe burst in my shower which caused extensive water damage to my house...After the insurance company did their thing, the process of building back everything began(and is still going on)...I had to evacuate the home and find someplace else to live for awhile...The insurance company was willing to pay for me to stay at a hotel until the work was finished, but my mom insisted I stay with her...That decision probably cost her her life...For in Nov., I contracted Covid-19...I was sooooooooooooooo sick...But, even though my mom knew how contagious this disease was, she nursed me back to health...

After about a month, I was able to return to work...The morning that I was ready to start my job again, my mom received a phone call from her doctor saying that she had tested positive as well...I ended up having to quarantine for ten more days...

For awhile, my mom didn’t really exhibit many symptoms except shortness of breath...As the days went by, her breathing began to become more labored but she refused to follow the doctor’s advice and go to the hospital until she eventually collapsed one morning...

She spent about 12 days on a ventilator and was in an induced coma state, but never regained consciousness...She passed a couple of days before Christmas and my birthday as well...

Needless to say, the guilt can be overwhelming at times, thinking that I probably caused my mom’s death...

There is a lesson to be learned from this somewhere, but I haven’t discovered it yet...

Thanks for reading this...It has been quite cathartic to be able to write it...

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Lew, I know the old timers on here were probably expecting a comedic response to what you've been up to since the message board took a sabbatical, but I know how real this is for you and how tough this has been. My condolences my friend.

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Oh, man... Lew... I guess we haven't talked since before Christmas, when I was getting slammed with all kinds of hardships, too. I knew you had Covid but didn't know about your mom until now. God bless her... and deepest condolences to you and your family. :-( 

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Sorry about your Mom Lew. That's gotta be tough. I'll pray for you and her.

You're a very good guy, great guy, we know that. I'm going to give you an order: you did not cause your Mom to die, we are all human. You must deal with your feelings of guilt and put them behind you and live with a free mind. For good and sensitive people like (and many of us here)  guilt can be a destroyer of the mind and spirit. Get rid of it, quickly...God does not want you weighted down with it. He wants you to move forward, with a productive and happy mind.

He and your Mom want you at your best.


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