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Shelly, Eric's first post way back in 2006 addressed this. Here's what Eric had to say about it:

...". When I looked at the stage that night in 1967, I saw me standing in between Wally and Dave and I felt a little surge of energy that told me that could be a really exciting band. I didn't know them at the time and I had no way of meeting them, but I filed thatl image away somewhere. I went back to Lyndurst that night thinking about what I had just seen and heard. I saw the POSSIBILITIES. That's what it was. I could see me in their band and I could see us MAKING IT. There were other bands in town, even some pretty cool one ( a group called Kicks Inc. comes to mind) but I never really visually could see me in them. The Choir was different. I "KNEW" that could work. I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking. And visualization. I think one of the reasons Cyrus Erie was such a great cover band (and we were) was because when we played a a song by the Who, I didn't try to sing like Roger Daltrey, I WAS Roger Daltrey. And Wally WAS Pete Townshend. and when we played the Abbey Road medley that starts with Golden Slumbers, I saw Paul in my mind and, in that moment, I WAS Paul. It took a couple of years and a few twists of fate, but eventually I was standing up there between Wally and Dave. And it did work. And (at least for a little while) we DID make it. We fell a little short of my dream of becoming the next Beatles and being a force for good in universe, but in our own little way, we did make a difference."

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