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We're Ba-a-a-ack!


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I quit twitter also just a few days ago, it became a paragon of censorship against people who think like me. Pretty putrid it became.

So great to have this place back up and running!...I can't count the times I've listened to some music, and so badly wanted to comment here, get you guys' opinion, comments etc, but couldn't. Not any more!

Thanks Lew for the heads up, and thanks Bernie for the change of mind.








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On 1/27/2021 at 8:48 AM, Raspbernie said:


I was reading an article earlier this week about the uproar over Big Tech's control over user content. The author wondered if the answer was a return to the simpler days of Message Boards and Forums. So, I thought... hey, we had one of those.

So, let's try an experiment. Who's in?

You always were ahead of the curve, Bernie!


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