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AM/FM Trivia

Craig Benfer

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9 hours ago, Craig Benfer said:

Matthew is penalized for answering two questions. He answered #5 correctly but will not be awarded a point. Question #1 is still open for an answer.

#1) Buddy Knox on Roulette Records. Yes, I have the 45!

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Let's consider that game a test run. Batman & susie b end up tied at 10. 

The winner of the next game will be the first player to score 20. As was the case in the first game, only answer 1 question and please don't google the answers. There will be a change in this game. A few days after the quiz begins, I will declare that "The transistor radio is playing". When that happens, players that already answered a question are allowed to answer ONE other unanswered question. At some point after that, I will post the standings, and the next quiz. Ok....lets get started:


Quiz #1:

1. Take No Prisoners was a 1981 LP recorded by what southern hard rock band?

2. Outa-Space was a 1972 #2 hit instrumental for whom?

3. The Dangling ___________ was a 1966 top 25 single for Simon & Garfunkel.

4. What British group was originally made up of members whose last names started with the letters M,D,E,T.

5. What was the title of Barry Manilow's first hit record?

6. What band had a Top 3 hit in 1966, that had the opening line "I was born in a crossfire hurricane."?

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Interestingly, Mandy was Barry's first number one hit and the label's (Bell Records) last number one hit. Bell was near bankruptcy and taken over by Clive Davis working for Columbia Records. He transferred all the library to the new label, Arista, and Barry's first two albums were rereleased on the Arista label in 1975.


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1. From what 1973 Wings LP did the Top 10 hit Jet come?

2. I Don't Want To See You Again was a 1964 hit by what duo?

3. According to Hall & Oates in 1981, where was "Your Kiss" going to be put?

4. Which Beatles hit from 1964 begins "I've got every reason on earth to be mad"?

5. What Canadian group recorded a 1976 LP entitles 2112?

6. What 50's singer "sounded sad upon the radio" and "moved a million hearts in mono" according to Dexy's Midnight Runners hit Come On Eileen?

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