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Can We Guess Them?

Craig Benfer

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Upper left...Lady climbing up a ladder...SHE CAME IN THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW...and if I can get the ball rolling with one more...There is a medical man directly below the girl climbing the ladder with a name tag on that reads “Bob”...DR. ROBERT...oh what the hell, one more...Dr. Robert is gonna walk right into LOVELY RITA...the meter maid...

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The cloud covering most the sun is "Here Comes the Sun". I think. The girl (princess or whatever) on the slide (upper right) may be "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds". 

Edit: Susie´s majesty/Helter Skelter is probably the correct answer.

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I think these are all the Beatles guesses so far:

1. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
2. Dr. Robert
3. Fixing A Hole
4. Strawberry Fields
5. Fool On The Hill
6. Octopuses Garden
7. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
8. Help
9. Yellow Submarine
10. Here Comes The Sun
11. Ticket To Ride
12. Eight Days A Week
13. Blackbird
14. Her Majesty
15. Helter Skelter
16. Hello Goodbye
17. Birthday
18. Penny Lane
19. I Am The Walrus
20. Twist And Shout
21. The Long And Winding Road
22. She's Leaving Home
23. Glass Onion
24. Baby You're A Rich Man
25. Baby's  In Black
26. Carry That Weight
27. Cry Baby Cry
28. Back In The USSR


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