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A Couple of Raspberries Comparisons

Lew Bundles

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The ACTION [Stow, Ohio]

 A band from Stow, OH, whose the self produced singles were released on their own Radiogram Records label. Pop-wise they played a tight catchy, controlled brand of Raspberries pop with three singles very much reminiscent of the 'berries-Fresh era. They had easy-going mid-tempos with everything `70s pop-rock could offer at best : clear but sharp guitar sounds, nice intros, breaks, "lala-la" harmonies etc. Very recommended! Brent Warren appeared on the Scott McCarl's CD "Play On..", released in 1997 (he also co-penned a couple of songs).

Michael Perkheiser : guitar (1-3)
Brent Warren : bass (1-3)
Brian Scherer : drums, vocals (left 1979)
Cliff Bryant : drums (joined 1979)

7" « Get Back To Me » b/w « Any Day Now » (USA [Radiogram #101] 197?)  "Get back To Me" is excellent, guitar-pop with a knife edge.

7" « Radio Music » b/w « Please,Oh,Please » (USA [Radiogram #103] 1979) 

7" « She's Got My Heart » b/w « Till I See You » (USA [Radiogram #104] 1982)  It's a pity that their 3rd single was their last because it was undoubtedly their best. Warren made his first appearance as songwriter with "Till I See You" which owed quite a bit to the "new Liverpool" sound and Perkheiser diversified his own craftship into someth

ARLIS! [Omaha, Nebraska]

 Arlis! was clearly paying homage to the Raspberries, but he exaggerated his vibrato to the point where it was obviously an overdone attempt to copy Eric Carmen. His songwriting was somewhat not fully achieved, a bit like the rockiest side of second-rate Raspberries ; nevertheless these hard-rockin' pop ditties are worth investigating.

7" « I Wanna Be » b/w « No Way Baby » (USA [Titan! #1422] 1980) 

[Tr] « »« »[ on « Just Another Pop Album » (Titan, 1979)](USA )

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