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Joan Jett Ad and interview

Lew Bundles

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Met Joan Jett and her band with a friend of mine who worked in the studio. His name was Tony who is African American.
When Joan stepped away, her guitarist Ricky Byrd told Tony he was thinking of forming his own band as a side project that maybe could go permanent .
Later that evening Tony asked Joan what she was going to do about Ricky. She said why what's going on. Tony told her Ricky was leaving her band to form his own group and she flipped out.
She confronted Ricky and said why the fuck didn't you tell me you were leaving the band and rick said...who the hell told you that.. She said some black guy who works here.
Later Ricky slammed Tony against the wall and said why the fuck did you say that...
I said to Tony , who should have kept his big mouth shut, that ..just think about it Tony ,to Joan Jett you are just some black dude.
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I saw Joan Jett perform around the time of her first album or 2 at a club in West Orange NJ. I waited around on the dance floor after the show and she came out. the club was closing and almost everyone had left for the night. She had taken my hat from me during the show and wore it for a song so it wasn't too hard for me to talk to her. We started talking and after awhile she said to me "I gotta pee" we both started talking towards the ladies room and the next thing I know we are both in the ladies room together still talking. I didn't even realize  . No one else was in the room until a bouncer came in and threw me out of the ladies room. TRUE STORY

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