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Units sold question


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If we put a list together of how Eric's and the Raspberries' ALBUMS/CDs sold, (from the most to the least) what would that list look like? 

(excluding greatest hits and live compilation)

Here's my guess:

ERIC - Arista



RASPBERRIES - Starting Over

ERIC - Change of Heart


ERIC - Boats Against The Current

ERIC - Geffen

ERIC - Tonight Your Mine

ERIC - Winter Dreams

Any thoughts?





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Dave, great thread and sensible guesses. I don't think I'd do it any different. I thought maybe Change of Heart could possibly have sold more than Starting Over— not because it's better (at the end of the day, I'd probably put Starting Over and Boats as the co-best of all those albums). But because "Change of Heart" (the single) did pretty well, plus the album had "Hey Deanie," which was charted by Shaun Cassidy. But we'll probably never know for sure, right? 

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I searched for the answer and interestingly I came up with this...

"Eric Carmen United States

The best album credited to Eric Carmen is Boats Against The Current which is ranked number 55,637 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 5.

Eric Carmen is ranked number 20,878 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 8.

If Boats is ranked 55,637, I would love to hear the 55,636 ranked ahead of it...

If you have the time, you can scroll all 55 thousand plus ahead of it and get to work buying/Listening to those 55,000 treasures...

Here’s the link...https://www.besteveralbums.com/thechart.php?b=30057#info

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That's definitely not a sales-based listing. I know Lew doesn't actually say that—it's more of an aside. It appears to be a U.K.-based music site ("favourite") that's somehow ranking albums based on a mysterious algorithm. And it's not spelled out... then again, I give it a few minutes, and when it seemed unscientific, I moved on. :-) Patient, aren't I? 


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And, this page looks interesting—"top albums" listings from various sources aggregated on one page: 


There are pages and pages of subjective listings, from Rolling Stone to New Musical Express to every tom, dick, and harry of music publishing that ever existed. And in browsing them, I've gotta say: If there's not a Beatles album at the top of the chart (I see  Sgt. Pepper on some, Revolver on others), then I instantly discount it. The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead is at the top of some charts, and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon on others, and I see a Pet Sounds and a Marvin Gaye and a... Radiohead?

So, clearly, we need to create an EricCarmen.com all-time best 100 albums chart and submit it. No, it doesn't have to have a Raspberries or EC at the top, but they certainly belong somewhere! For my money, I always come back to Revolver or Abbey Road as the #1 album.. but Let It Be and Magical Mystery Tour as my favorites. 

I'll nose around more at that site when I have a moment....

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Ah, I think I get it now. That ranking of Eric that Lew mentioned is based on his place among the countless charts they've aggregated. Hence his low ranking. I searched for my old friend and favorite artist outside the Beatles, John Stewart, and he's ranked, like, 7,000th overall among all recording artists! Criminally low.... and John has a pretty good following in the U.K. Eric at No. 20,878 is also criminally underrated. 

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