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FREE (plus postage) Raspberries & EC Vinyl collection plus signed live DVD/CD


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I can't seem to edit my old post--Bernie please delete the old one. Since nobody wants to buy, I'll give it away for FREE--just pay postage (US Only Please).

As Bernie put it, "He has a new calling on Twitter. Like it. Hate it." I fall into the latter camp--using your influencer status to push disinformation is reprehensible. I don't care how much of a "thinker" you believe he is, he's peddling garbage. There are more constructive ways to express your politics, particularly for a seemingly intelligent person. It's just sad.

As a music lover, I can't see throwing this stuff in the trash because it's irreplaceable and means something to others, but I don't want it anymore. So it's FREE, just pay postage in the US.

- SIGNED Sunset Strip CD/DVD. Some outside sleeve wear, but sigs are obvious

- Rasberries vinyl, with original scratch & sniff sticker

- Fresh vinyl

- Side 3 vinyl with die-cut cover

- Raspberries Best vinyl

- 2 copies of Eric Carmen vinyl, one with shrink wrap (but opened on side)

- BATC vinyl, with "She Did It" sticker on the front

- Change of Heart vinyl

- The Rock Stops Here 45, with sleeve, on Cool record label



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