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Lew Bundles

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In the history of American television, seven shows have finished first for the year in the Nielsen ratings that had the real name of the performer(s) in the title of the show...

I’ll give you the first one because I don’t expect anyone to know or remember it...

”The Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts”

What are the other six...?Remember, first for the season in the Nielsen Ratings and the performers real name in the title of the show...

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Before we go any further, I have to make a clarification...While I Love Lucy was Susie b’s response, I told her she was correct, and she is...But, I cited the wrong show in my reply...The LucyShow was never number one, but I Love Lucy was...They we’re two different shows

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3 minutes ago, Lew Bundles said:

No Danny Thomas, but Uncle Tahnoose reminds me of James...

Uncle Tannous was also the name of my friend's family restaurant.  They had a huge photo of Danny in a tux in the restaurant.  Marlo and Phil dined there once in awhile, too.

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