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Quiz, prize for winner


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Ok, answer 3 of 6 correctly and you will receive a raffle ticket for a free goody associated with the James Harem. The winner´s ticket will be delivered to him/her at the next
gathering (Weekend at Bernie´s???...hopefully) of ec.com members.

1. Name the 5 languages considered the Romance languages, all have their foundations in Latin.
2. England doesn´t really have a founder, but who is it that comes closest to being considered founder of England?
3. What important nation, today and in history, was carved up by 3 European powers in the late 18th century, and was thus wiped off the official map until the end of WWI.
4. The Jesuit Order was founded in the 16th century. Name its founder and first principal objective given to it by the Catholic Church.
5. There was a Belgian priest stationed in Hawaii during in the 19th century when Hawaii established a Leper colony to quarantine its lepers permanently. This priest, who was healthy, he did not have leprosy, on his own volition chose to live permanently with the lepers to serve them. He eventually contracted leprosy and died from it. Who was this underrated hero of history?
6. Why do chicks bitch so much????



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#1 - I think Spanish, French & Italian would be three though I really don't know if French and Italian are Latin based so I may be wrong about them. Maybe Portuguese ?? I don't speak a second language. I can speak a little German because we had that in 5th grade, and also because Pennsylvania Dutch is based on German and I've picked up a bit of that. Years ago, I wanted to learn Spanish to communicate better with Hispanic kids and parents on Little League teams.  

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My cousin's wife is Basque, so I must mention that you forgot two languages that are spoken along the French and Spanish border which are also Romance languages.

The languages are Occitan and Catalan.

The "fifth" that Craig missed is Romanian.

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And this has been a question I have had for a long time, and NO ONE can give me a satisfactory answer.

WHY are Hispanics known as Latinos/Latinas?  Why is South America called Latin America?

Yes, Spanish and Portuguese speakers conquered these areas.

If that is the case, then why aren't people in former French territories, such as Québec, called Latinos/as?

Who made the Spanish and Portuguese speakers heirs and owners to the title, especially when they are in no way affiliated with ancient Rome, the birthplace of Latin?

I believe that Julius Caesar was a Latino, but Pedro from Mexico City is a Hispanic.

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To answer your leper colony question, I'm going to post a video answer provided by one of my favorite people, Caitlin Doughty, mortician extrodinaire and green death warrior.

She is a very smart cookie, University of Chicago grad, and she is a mortician on a mission to demystify death and make people comfortable with the inevitable.

Love her books and videos!


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And #6...

Well, depends on the chick, but it's usually because someone has ruffled her feathers by doing something thoughtless or stupid.


And then there are chicks like me who know that bitching accomplishes very little, but an active correction of said problem works quite nicely.

Well, that's all for now.  Need to go sharpen my broadsword and katana. 

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Ok, I know I'm sharing the prize with Craig, so tell my half of the James harem to put on their gardening gear and report to my groundskeeper.

He will be most happy to have help as the property needs a good Spring clean up.  There are weeds to pull, grass to rake, branches to trim, yards to be edged, flower beds to mulch and buildings to be scraped and painted.

Let's go, Ladies!


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Yes, Romanian is the 5th Romance language. Ignacio Loyola is the founder of the Jesuits.....they´re first  "mission" was to be on the vanguard of the Counter-Reformation. Alfred the Great was who I was looking for. Father Damien is the priest who invested/gave his life for the Lepers of Hawaii.

#6 is wrong....the correct answer is there is no rhyme or reason, never was, never will be, as to why so many chicks yell at dudes so much. : )  I think we need an expert on the theory of evolution to help us understand this. My theory is the cave men bonked their wives on the head so often, that women developed their own weapon to retaliate with (the female mouth) that was more dangerous even than the clubs the cave dudes were using to do the head bonking. But who knows.

: )

Anyway, you guys did real good, seriously. You will thus BOTH receive a raffle ticket at the next ec.com gathering, from James personally.

It´s a wrap.

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