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Vinnie B Trask

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I like the song a lot also ...evidence that the album is strong is that there are better songs on the album.

For the heck of it, my ranking.....but the only official ranking will have to come from the Change of Heart master, Señor John Shaft : )

Heaven Can Wait
Desperate Fools
Hey Deanie
Change of Heart
Desperate Fools Overture / Haven´t We Come a Long Way
End of the World
Baby I need your lovin

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Hmm—I've always ranked Boats and the Arista debut above Change. Interesting. I think my Change track rankings are similar to Kirk's—I have them in that "In Hindsight" series I did a while back. Without looking it up, I'd duplicate Kirk's except I'd slide the title track and End of the World to the bottom. Those first three are awesome. 

Still... the 'berries catalog is so top-to-bottom strong, it's the only answer for me.

And just remember: If you go solo, you don't get "On the Beach." Who else has ever used the word "woo" in a pop song? 

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