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  • 2 months later...

Eric had a major presence on the website when Members were here in force—before, during and after Raspberries' historic reunion shows. The folks who visited here daily during the website's heyday literally fueled the reunion! You can search for and read through the incredible number of posts (2,270!) Eric made on this Message Board. He gave fans an unprecedented one-on-one interaction that made for the best of times here at EricCarmen.com!

He has a new calling on Twitter. Like it. Hate it. I don't think he feels compelled to relive his days as a rock star anymore. But thankfully, with the EC.com search function, you can re-read his take on just about every facet of his career. And that ain't too bad!


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His posts here were brilliant. The insight into his music making, experiences in the biz etc. were awesome. I´d gamble some good $s that no other artist has provided insight 
like this ever, anywhere....even in autobiographies. I could be wrong on this gamble...but, you know,  it´s just money.  : )

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Problem today, someone speaks about stuff they believe in, basic stuff like freedom, individual responsibility, not worshiping every deviancy the culture demands we worship, caring for others etc.....and the hyper cynics and haters must interpret their speaking their mind as them being a "spokesman for Fox"....or worse, etc, etc etc.

Eric has cred and he´s smart as heck. He and I butted heads here as we disagreed back in the day on some stuff. But the head butting was always done with respect, and it was edifying as heck, challenging as heck. I think we all came out better, smarter and much more knowledgeable from those political debates here back in the day.

Main point: Eric´s voice is an important one, because he´s uber smart,  very educated and well read, and most importantly - his heart is really good.   

I´m really glad he´s speaking out.


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