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That was really really really cool. What a great timeline and snapshots into the culture over those years. Congratulations Bernie. 

My favorites:

1. The TV Moms (Mrs. Brady, C, Partridge)
2. Bob Dole/Bill Clinton
3. Kermit
4. George Washington....then later Abe Lincoln
2. The Salma Hayeks
3. The Heidi Klums
6. Vanessa Williams
7. Sasha Cohn


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Congratulations on your new agency, Bernie!!!  It's about time!!!

Love the milk site.  It's definitely an interesting year by year chronology of popular culture, and it's also quite interesting to see which celebrities have stood the test of time. 

Lifting a cold one in your honor!


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Bernie, you are a pop icon! What an endearing collection of Americana!! What is your personal favorite? If I had to guess, I'd say it was the KISS layout- you had to be on cloud 9!!

One item that needs editing (if that's still possible): when you wave the cursor over #153, the name that presents itself is 'Ckint Black', which obviously should be 'Clint Black'.

Great job...bravo!

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