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Erics House up for Sale

Vinnie B Trask

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Anyone notice Eric is selling his long owned house. Gotta wonder if Brother Fred left him in a position he has to sell or maybe he wants a "Change of Heart".  Will he stay in the Cleveland suburb area or move to Los Angeles.

The house can be yours for $945,000





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Maybe wants to downsize a bit'  It' a really nice house he got here.

One has to wonder whether Eric's claim that his brother stole money from his trust is true.

Many times it is a simple case of long term inactivity leading to reduced income while current living expense remain the same which is larger  than life.


VBT INC 2020

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Gates Mills is a very high end community. Yes the prices are modest compared to other areas of the country. Where I currently live in Ohio, $400,000 will get you a 5500sq fr mini mansion, with 10 aces and a dock on your private lake.

As I recall reading the divorce papers of Susan and Eric, the house was underwater at the time.



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On 1/6/2020 at 10:34 PM, Lew Bundles said:

Tom, literally underwater, or mortgage-wise(owing more than its worth)?

And nice to see you back Tom...

He meant mortgage wise but you have to remember Eric wanted to keep the house so he was not going to paint a picture that the house had equity in it. He won most of the petitions he was seeking in this divorce.

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