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White House Hanukkah Party 2019

susie b

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It is rare for me to be wrong but I stand corrected. I think the pic is a selfie and it through me off but it is the real deal!

Since he did attend it has to be Eric and Amy.

Wish he didn't since Eric is Jewish and Trump is an anti-Semite. .

The only reason Trump talks well of the Jewish  people is because his daughter married one and then converted to the faith.

Since trump loves  his daughter almost more than himself and more than the country , he has compromised some of his true feelings  toward the Jewish people which in reality are more in sync of his views of Mexicans ns Puerto Ricans.

I do want to add there are a lot worse anti-Semitic people than Donny.

He is  capable of have a Jewish friend here and there.

One that comes to mind is Joan Riivers  who he befriended and admired.

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14 minutes ago, Lew Bundles said:

 Vinnie, CNN is on...Don’t miss it, for if you did you won’t know what to say tomorrow...

I'm sorry Lew. I should probably have kept those comments to my self.  Truth is, I do not believe anything CNN reports nor do I believe in what Fox has to say. It is all to clear on both Networks primary goals when attempting report the so called news and each is way too one sided report clear and accurate. They are both a complete joke.

These are my opinions.  I just feel the current president has too many personal flaws to be President.  It's a dangerous game.

I also think he is taking credit for things like the economy that he had little to do with. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class has been eliminated. His life was too sugar coated to be a true leader and he was born with a silver spoon.

I do not believe there is a singe democrat that deserves to take his place really except maybe Mike Bloomberg.

Since this is Eric Carmen's site and he is in deed a Trump supporter. I will no longer comment on things like this here.

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