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Raspberries for 70s Raspberries Rock Group Singer Eric Carmen As He Reveals Himself as Major Trump Supporter

by Roger Friedman - November 30, 2019

Who knew?

Buried deep in Ohio, Donald Trump has a former rock star as a major supporter.

Eric Carmen, lead singer of the Raspberries in the 1970s, has outed himself as a Trump backer. He loves his president. Carmen is most famous for songs like “Go All the Way” and “Let’s Pretend” in the early 70s. Then, when the band broke up, Carmen was fished out of obscurity by Clive Davis. He had two big solo hits on Arista Records with “All By Myself” and “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again.” Each of them were fashioned from classic music pieces by Rachmaninoff.

A decade later, Carmen scored one more hit with “Hungry Eyes” from the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack. Since then, he’s lived with cult status outside of his native Cleveland.

More recently, Carmen has been on Twitter where he picked up more contemporary rock star fans from the E Street Band family like Steve and Maureen van Zandt and Nils and Amy Lofgren. An avowed Raspberries fan, I also followed him on Twitter.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when Carmen declared his fealty to Trump in the last week or so. He’s a hard line conservative, decrying socialism a la Trump and retweeting people like Fox News’s Jesse Watters, Seb Gorka and Charlie Kirk. He tweeted: “If you want to hate me, just know this. I love the USA, I support our brave military men and women, I support the police and firefighters, I support our President and the First Lady, I believe in civility, and I do not want to live in a Socialist country. That is what I believe.”

Since then, Carmen has been in a Twitter firefight, not just with former fans who can’t believe all this, but also with the Lofgrens. And he really loves those Trumps. Another Tweet in a response to criticism of them: “There is no excuse for that kind of sick, disrespect. The First Lady was speaking about the opioid problem while The President donated his salary to the fight against opioid addiction.”

Carmen is also against the impending impeachment and supports the Republicans who are on the House committee: “Nobody has any proof that Jim Jordan did anything wrong. All I know is what I saw during the impeachment nonsense. Jordan was a voice of sanity, along with Devin Nunes.”

He’s also traded contentious Tweets with rocker Peter Frampton: “I love your music, Pete, but I would never presume to tell you, or anyone else, what network they should watch. I respect your right to disagree with me, and you should respect my right to disagree with you. That used to be the way things worked here in the USA. Carry on.”

Carmen also raised everyone’s ire when he used a statement from Hitler’s chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels to make a point in a re-tweet:

Exactly. Sound familiar? https://t.co/DXngnXQ8p2
— Eric Carmen (@RealEricCarmen) November 30, 2019
Carmen lives near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. But if he goes to next spring’s induction ceremony, he may actually be singing “All By Myself.”

Still, now Trump has a rock star he can call for his rallies. In fact, I’m sure once his staff reads this they’ll be using “Go All the Way” as a campaign song.

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This will be my only post on this subject, as I like to stay away from politics on this site, at least for the most part these days.

As opposed to 10, 15, 20 years ago, when politics was about honest disagreements between good people with differing ideologies, politics in the U.S. in 2019 is about imperfect/fundamentally good people versus a malevolent Left, a Left that has completely untethered itself from truth, fairness and justice and embraces hatred and bigotry on so many fronts.

It´s good vs. evil today. Good includes traditional Democrats, Republicans, Atheists, Believers, homosexuals, heterosexuals, Black, White etc.  It´s bigger than sectarian/party politics. it´s good vs. evil. The good must stand up today or we´re finished as a society, as a nation.

It´s why I am so proud of Eric Carmen. He is speaking up, because I believe he sees this, because it´s necessary for every citizen to stand up and stop being afraid that someone on the other side will call us an "...ist"...or a "...phobe".....or a "....gynist"....etc. They lie, don´t ever care that people will lie about you when you stand up for good. It´s part of being a good person.

I acknowledge it is very difficult today to stand, the power of the malevolent mob is strong, and if it gets stronger, they will do more than call us names. I study history a ton,  the trend is bad and if we don´t stand strong, history teaches us that it won´t be pretty. Many many many movements have started with the idea of justice for the underdog (current Left is one of those movements)....and that part is good, but these movements (including today´s Left) self immolate into hatred, lies, deception and eventual violence against those who don´t conform. We will be there soon if we don´t stand strong. We are already there are some fronts.

Most importantly we need to stand, but never indulge in hatred. It´s hard not to hate bad people, but if we hate, we´ve lost everything. We need to fight, but keeping in mind the words a smart man from history taught us; "Love your neighbor as yourself"....and probably more importantly today: "love your enemies". We must defeat the bad, but continue to love them as individuals. We have to stay above board.

It´s good vs. evil. Eric has seen this and is standing strong, and taking a lot of hits for it. He´s standing with dignity, and is not returning the hate he receives with hate. I´ve never been prouder of him as my music idol as I am now.

I hope all of us will take inspiration from him and stand up against the rot, stand up with love, stand up constructively. Its trite, cliche etc....but it´s in 2019 the truth: If we don´t stand, those who come after us will live in a hellhole, and maybe it will happen soon enough where we will experience the hellhole.

Thanks Eric for standing, thanks to everybody else who stands also,




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Well, as maybe the last liberal here, I'll just say this: I think Eric's tweets have added to the divisiveness. Some of them—if we're being honest—have spilled over with venom toward the "blue" half of the country's population. Half of his fans would be included in that population. 

My takeaway from the flurry of threads on his twitter page is that too many of them are dismissals of anything not in line with trump. They just don't come off as open-minded. Ultimately, it's truly sad that the U.S. is so violently split, and we have to ask ourselves: Am I adding to the divisiveness? Or trying to work from common ground? In this case, it's often the latter. I've had private conversations with other disappointed fans who just won't waste their time explaining why trump has hurt America way more than helped. That's generally how I feel.

After writing a much longer reply to make my points about our president's shortcomings and his penchant for adding fuel to the divisiveness fire (without even getting into his legitimately impeachable actions), I had a change of heart about posting it. Discretion is the better part of valor—especially in this ugly climate we're in. So this is all I'll say about that. 

I do still love everyone here as fellow Americans and global citizens. And I do love every one of those Raspberries albums. And Boats Against the Current had a bigger impact on me than any album outside of the Beatles. So, there's a common thread.



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